My last edit on the previous post didn’t seem to go through.  I’m choosing Hydrogen cells because I think they represent a more sustainable alternative energy solution.  I’ve watched some documentaries on the subject and iceland has an interesting approach of making the cells with geothermal power, and it seems like a good carbon neutral approach.


My last post was about some large companies getting in on the market, recently Mercedes-Benz seems to be exploring the subject as well.   Germanys Federal Ministry of Transport employees are now going to use some of Mercedes-Benz fuel cell vehicles.  Theres an interesting article on it here.


Something that stood out to me was that Germany is shooting for having 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020.


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  1. Loulie Brown says:

    I am a little behind the times – can you explain just how a hydrogen fuel cell works. I also understood that it takes more energy to produce them than they will ultimately produce. Is this the case?

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