Not a short term solution?

Politics may end up killing another useful technology.  Obamas latest budget overhaul severely slashes funding for hydrogen fuel cell research, citing that the infrastructure for fuel cells is not there and it does not represent a short term solution to the energy problem.  I will agree that it does not represent a short term solution, but situation dictates that there is no short term solution to our problem.  There has got to be a better way to go about this where a field is not abandoned just because it will take a while to implement. Perhaps if our politicians weren’t so concerned about saving rich people money, we’d wouldn’t need these budget cuts and could work towards a better future.  Dangerously close to a rant this morning.

You can find information on this on most any news site, but this site seems to cover most of the bases from the hydrogen fuel cell side


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One Response to Not a short term solution?

  1. adam watkins says:

    Havent we learned by now that only planning for the short term only exasterbates the long term affects? Like we learned when building with toxic materials or on toxic land , cancer rates, asthma, and birth deffects are emminently higher. If we push finding an alternative fuel source, like hydrogen, out the door because of its expensive or is time consuming by the time we are completely out of natural gas we will not be prepared with a replacement.

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