Fuel Cell Roundup

According to a CNET blog, Toyota is saying the cost of fuel cells will plunge by 2015.


A lot of this has to do with technology coming into play that will remove platinum from the equation of fuel cells.

Toyota is also slated to release it’s first fuel cell car by 2015.



Also, theres a different kind of fuel cell being used in a green manner.


This fuel cell works on the same principles, but converts natural gas into electricity with no combustion.


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2 Responses to Fuel Cell Roundup

  1. Thomas Plaggemeier says:

    I thought that this was really interesting and left me wanting to know more. Does it need to be refueled, how much does it cost to operate, any potential problems ? My interest in piqued. I can see how this type of technology, the ability to provide electricity and heat to 500 homes is impressive and how it could be applied on a neighborhood scale. I could also see potential of these units to operate in remote locations or transported to emergency situations.
    I am also left wondering what the deal with hydrogen is. Where does it come from, how is it collected, is it plentiful and it is worth the pursuit?

  2. adam watkins says:

    My question is How are they goin to just use less platinum in the fuel stack, use fewer components and simplify the design, and lower the cost of the carbon fiber used to reinforce hydrogen tanks? Will it produce as much and be as efficient? Will it increase the price of hydrogen car pricetag? It must be an attainable soultion for the middle class to lowers class consumer if this aternative option is viable for a sustainable future.

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